Our Portfolio

We aimed at building sustainable investments and real estate development

As one of the largest investment houses in the Middle East, we serve as an invaluable gateway for companies with strong foundations to venture into new markets through our diversified portfolios. SNASCO currently specializes in four major sectors through it’s dynamic divisions – Real Estate, Trading & Commercial, Industrial and Franchise. 


SNASCO has invested heavily in the financial services sector holding major stakes in several banks and other financial institutions.

IIB International Investment Bank

Based in Bahrain, IIB International Investment Bank is a dynamic investment bank operating globally, providing immense investment opportunities to its clients while protecting the interest of its shareholders. SNASCO holds a major stake in the bank. 

Al Rajhi Company for Cooperative Insurance

Al Rajhi Co. for Cooperative Insurance (RAJHIINSURANCE) is an Islamic Sharia principles compliant provider of insurance and reinsurance services. 


SNASCO is actively investing in market leading companies in the large industrial sector and projects.

IBC Sustainable Environmental Development

An environmental consulting company that undertakes environmentally sustainable projects in the Middle East providing state-of-the-art integrated solutions for the most effective treatment of municipal mixed solid waste (MSW per day).

Gulf Farabi Petrochemical Company

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Real Estate

SNASCO Real Estate is one of the leading real estate developers in Saudi Arabia, constructing residential villas, infrastructure projects, commercial and residential buildings. It continues to invest in modern and creative investments through strategic partnerships adhering to regional ethos. With a strong reputation and trustworthiness in the global market, the company continues to operate in the UAE, Lebanon, Jordan and Malaysia while spreading its wings to other international markets like Spain. Our successful commercial and residential projects in addition to robust demand for real estate in the markets we operate in reflects on our strong investor confidence.

The White Pearl – Pulse of Life

Located within the South Abhor area in Albasateen district, Jeddah – KSA is The White Pearl-Pulse of Life. An integrated residential project offering a contemporary blend of upscale gated neighbourhood complemented by modern amenities such as swimming pool, playground, fitness centre.

West Bay Tower

Situated in the heart of Business Bay, Dubai and one of our most prestigious projects is the West Bay Tower. An architectural splendour and an ideal commercial hotspot to elevate your business to new levels of success. 

Al Basateen

Strategically located near the University City on the Milha Kalba Sharjah Road, Al Basateen was an extremely successful project that consists of plots, two-storey villas and commercial buildings complemented by the development of mosques, spacious green areas, recreational facilities and educational centres. 

Trading & Commercial

Based on intensive market research and strategic partnerships, SNASCO continues to invest, acquire, merge or partner with unique companies that are foreseen as game-changers and introduces their brands into potentially lucrative markets. This opens up new avenues for businesses seeking to go international, creating a healthy ecosystem to operate globally.


Mattex is a leading manufacturer of primary and secondary carpet backings,artificial grass backings and Geotextiles. The company has witnessed consistent growth over the years in terms of sales volume, expanded internationally and propelled product innovation to cater to growing demands of the international markets. 

Jocker’s Food Industries (Sugo- Peanuts)

A home-grown Filipino brand, Sugo Peanuts from Jocker’s Food Industries is one of the leading snack food manufacturers in the Philippines, loved by all snack aficionados with a strong distribution channel within the country. 

Al Sorayai Industrial and Commercial Group

With an illustrious track record of over 55 years serving customers not just in Saudi Arabia but across the world, Al Sorayi is a pioneer in the carpets and rugs industry. The group prides itself excels in the areas of manufacturing, wholesale, and retail trade of carpets and rugs. 

Chef Tony’s Snack Foods – POPCORN

All the way from the Philippines, Chef Tony’s Popcorn is an exciting gourmet popcorn brand. What started as a small popcorn cart in 2005 is now a full-fledged Company now called the Chef Tony’s Snack Foods Philippines Corporation owing to its overwhelming response from popcorn lovers.