Mattex is a leading manufacturer of primary and secondary carpet backings,artificial grass backings and Geotextiles. The company has witnessed consistent growth over the years in terms of sales volume, expanded internationally and propelled product innovation to cater to growing demands of the international markets. 

Jocker’s Food Industries (Sugo- Peanuts)

A home-grown Filipino brand, Sugo Peanuts from Jocker’s Food Industries is one of the leading snack food manufacturers in the Philippines, loved by all snack aficionados with a strong distribution channel within the country. 

Al Sorayai Industrial and Commercial Group

With an illustrious track record of over 55 years serving customers not just in Saudi Arabia but across the world, Al Sorayi is a pioneer in the carpets and rugs industry. The group prides itself excels in the areas of manufacturing, wholesale, and retail trade of carpets and rugs. 

Chef Tony’s Snack Foods – POPCORN

All the way from the Philippines, Chef Tony’s Popcorn is an exciting gourmet popcorn brand. What started as a small popcorn cart in 2005 is now a full-fledged Company now called the Chef Tony’s Snack Foods Philippines Corporation owing to its overwhelming response from popcorn lovers.